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Kitchen Renovations

We pride ourselves on being efficient and time conscious during all our kitchen renovations. Each aspect of the renovation is discussed in detail with our customers prior to any work being performed.

We cover in detail each aspect of the project; time, cost, materials, and customer input, etc. during our initial consultation. However, we have presented some general guidelines below.


Project Time: Kitchen renovations generally take between 4 and 6 weeks after the design stage but time can vary based on the availability and shipping times of the materials being selected by the customer as well as factors such as the work area size and the complexity of the entire project.


Project Cost: Cost is of course one of the biggest concerns for our customer, as you might expect it is greatly affected by the quality of the materials selected as well as the size and complexity of the project. We attempt to keep costs down by working with you in the layout and design and not charging extra for custom sized cabinets.


Customer Input: We work with you during the design and provide full color 3d renderings to help you visualize the finished project while assuring that we stay within your budgetary needs.  Your choices will include a wide range of colors, types of wood and styles for your custom cabinets as well as from a wide selection of kitchen faucets, sinks, granite counter tops and custom trim to match your new kitchen cabinets.  Every job is professionally designed to please and beautify your home.


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