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Very well! Peter is a real professional and craftsman. There are so many intangibles with Peter you get that he is the best in the world!.
Frank - Naperville, IL

Peter has done three complete bath room remodeling in the past 2 years. Currently he is finishing remodeling our master bathroom. He is by far the best home remodeling contractor we have worked with. Here are the reasons:
1. He is very organized and always keeps the work site tidy and clean. That is a big help for us with two young kids at home.
2. Very responsive of our requests during projects. He tries his best to accommodate our needs and is honest about his opinions.
3. Always does one project at a time. He works the current project until it is fully done before moving on to the next.
4.Very detail oriented. Peter thinks through a lot of details that we did not even think about. For instance, he would explain in great detail why the bathroom door swings in and what are the pros and cons etc.
5. Peter is meticulous about his work. He does not rush to finish anything just because there is another project waiting.

Leon - Woodridge, IL

Peter is obviously one of the best woodworking - contractors I have every worked with. He takes great pride in his work and we were highly impressed with the finished product and it became a focal point of our business. Peter kept his work area spotless and tidy. This is important because we had other contractors working at the same time. Peter arrived everyday on time and often arrived with finished work he completed at his worksite. Jim & Doris - Elgin, IL


Remodeled the kitchen. The job was done from 1st November 2012 to 31st December 2012.

Four total full bathroom remodeling plus smaller kitchen make up plus varies smaller projects. Most importantly, working with Peter in the past 2 years has been the most stress free remodeling experience we have had. He is not the cheapest contractor. But the extra money is well worth it.

I needed a new back bar created for my winery. In addition I needed a retail shelf unit and servers station. In addition, I needed additional design work completed. After getting some very expensive quotes I felt I would not be able to complete some of the projects required until someone recommended Rock's Custom Interiors. I only had pencil drawings of what I wanted and provided that to Peter.Within a day he had designed exactly what I need and had a computer printout of each of three pieces.    Return to Previous Comments.